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Hi, I’m Steve. I’ve been a dog trainer/behavior guy for ages and I specialize in fear, anxiety, and “aggressive” behaviors. I’m based in Austin, TX.

In 2014, I read an excellent book called The Obstacle is the Way, in which author Ryan Holiday provides a three stage framework for how to approach and overcome general problems that come up in life.

It occurred to me that Holiday’s framework was essentially a more systematic and organized version of my approach to working with dog behavior.

I decided to post a blog adapting Holiday’s concepts to specifically address dog behavior. I began to come up with ways to actively apply the concepts in my dog behavior work.

I wish I could quantify how much I’ve improved as a dog behavior guy in the year or so that I’ve been using PAW. PAW has guided me through some of the toughest behavior situations I’ve ever faced, and allowed me to be confident in my recommendations and decisions.

What I have found to be most amazing is the ability of PAW to cleanly compartmentalize every unique variable of a dog behavior case into the system. Genetic factors, owner compliance issues, situational variables – there is a place for everything in PAW.

I can easily parse what is controllable and what is not controllable, and create doable training plans that are sensible, direct, and fair to the dog and owner.

I created this website because I think PAW can be incredibly useful to others. While the content is aimed primarily at dog trainers/behavior folk, PAW can be used by anyone regardless of skill level.

If you’re not a complete idiot*, following the three stage PAW process will help you develop and improve your problem solving skills. You will be more confident talking to clients, even when discussing difficult topics. PAW will help you compensate for weaknesses in your game. That is what a good system does. You just need to trust the process. Remember that, when in doubt, you can always come back to the three elements of PAW.

But enough of me gloating about how awesome PAW is.


* If you are a complete idiot, I can’t really help you.

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