Get Started with PAW

Trying PAW is easy. There are no specific training techniques associated with PAW. You just need to have a solid understanding of the three elements – Perception, Action, and the Will.

There are several ways to get started.

For the most thorough description I’ve written about PAW, click here.

If you just want to read an overview of the three PAW elements, click here.

Of course, you could also purchase The Obstacle is the Way, the book by Ryan Holiday that PAW is based on, which I can’t recommend highly enough!

When you understand the three PAW elements, start applying them to your training cases. How do your current methods fit into the PAW system? You might find that you methods easily slot into PAW, or you might find that the system drives your methods. I suspect for most of you, it will be a mixture of both. It is for me.

The forms I use for note taking and making training plans are here. You don’t need to use these forms to implement PAW – do whatever works for you!

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